Raising the roof at Lelepa

Since our visit in December 2005, Lelepa Island Church members milled timber on the island for the rafters etc and these were soon erected onto the concrete block work.

After reporting back to our congregation at the end of January 2006we were thrilled to find out that a Johnsonville church family had offered to fund the major part of the roof on the new church on Lelepa Island. Various further fundsraisedwere added to unused funds raisedfor our visit meant that we had achieved the $24,000 needed to put the roof on the building.

The roofing materials were ordered and uplifted from Port Vila Hardware and were soon landed on the island. The roofing iron was very quickly placed on the building.

These funds were forwarded to Vanuatu on 11 April. We have recently raised another $5400 including a very generous donation from Unicat, our church catering organisation. This money will be used to purchase guttering etc to enable rainwater to be collected and storedin large tanks at each end of the new church.

The initial phase of the partnership between JUC and Lelepa has been an outstanding success. We congratulate the Church in Lelepa for getting the roof in place and the members of JUC for their commitment to this project