Interim Moderator

Rev Hana Popea

Parish Council:

The church's governing body which is elected by the congregation under the Parish Constitution. It is composed of the Parish Minister, a three-member Leadership Team and up to nine other parish members.

Parish Minister:

Supply Minister:  Rev Roger Wiig

Leadership Team:

Oversight of Parish Council and parish events is carried out by two elected parishioners, the Chairperson, Parish Secretary and the Ordained Minister.  The Property and Finance Convenor is also co-opted to the Leadership team. 

Parish Council Chairperson:

 Dennis Mundt, elected in 2016 

Parish Secretary:

Heather Lange, elected in 2016

Parish Councillors:

The JUC constitution provides for up to 11 elected members of Parish Council.   Current members comprise:

Anne Henderson

John Craig (Convenor of the Property and Finance committees)

Matt Lange (Convenor of Children's Group)

Judith Dunlop (Convenor of the Pastoral Committee)

Bev Donovan

James Barton (Convenor of Communications)

Weldon Bond

Andrew Donovan

Lynne Newton

Karen Parminter


Other Convenors:

Worship - Clare Morrison

Family Groups - Judith and Boyd Dunlop