JUC Supports Mall Businesses

Media stories have highlighted how delays in redevelopment of the Johnsonville Mall are contributing to an overall decline in customer traffic for retail businesses in the complex.  
At a worship service, JUC's Minister, Anna Gilkison, reflected on the importance of a vibrant shopping centre at the heart of the community.  She indicated that managers and staff of businesses had expressed concern about the situation and were increasingly distressed about what many in the community saw as a "land banking" approach from the mall owners.
This led to action at a subsequent service where the congregation of JUC prepared cards of support for businesses and agreed to personally deliver them in the week following.   The response from recipients for the tangible expression of support and appreciation for the work they do was fantastic as the photos below show:
Postscript:    The owners of the Johnsonville Mall announced in September 2016 that they were seeking Council consent to proceed with a multi-million dollar revamp of the mall somewhat smaller than the original plans but still with a significant number of shops and with a cinema. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/84688796/New-plans-for-150m-redevelopment-of-Johnsonville-Shopping-Centre