JUC Picnic appeals to all ages

In March 2012 Johnsonville Uniting held it's first Sunday School Picnic for many years.  A great turnout made great use of the surprisingly fine weather out at Aotea Lagoon.  Many regular members of the congregation were joined by extended friends and family to make a great occasion.  Individuals of all ages participated in traditional game favourites such as tug o war, egg and spoon, three legged and sack races as the pictures below testify. 

A large group with all ages represented, shared in what was a very happy occasion initiated by the Sunday School teachers Luisa and Joan and coordinated by Neil and his family.

Delicious picnic food was eaten and cakes and conversations were shared. The children climbed a large tree that was just perfect for this and while some grandparents held their breath no child came to any harm.

The final event involving teams and frisbees and people jumping in most creative ways caused much hilarity.

The occasion was such a success, comparatively simple activities providing such a lot of fun that it was unanimously agreed it should be an annual event.