Giving to God what belongs to God

The theme for the 10am service at JUC on 16 October 2011 was “Giving to God what belongs to God” and was based on the Gospel reading Matt 22; 15-22. It was presented in three short reflections: “Giving to Caesar”; Gifts from God”; “Giving to God”.

The photo of Laura Gilkison shows her in a costume she made herself for her National Drama School programme. Laura's experience reflects the myriad gifts we have, including those we don’t know we have until they are somehow discovered. Laura modelledl her costume as an example of someone who dreamed of being able to do something but never believed she could do it. A combination of a friend’s encouragement, an opportunity, timing and inspiration now means she is fulfilling her dream of designing and making costumes that bring enormous pleasure to her and others. She put 400 hours into this costume (including the top that is not in the photo).

The second photo relates to the story of the “Rainbow Fish” that had beautiful scales that made it stand out but was very lonely. Eventually it discovered that if it gave all the other fish one of its scales and kept just one everyone would benefit by being “beautiful”. And so it was that it shared its scales with the other fish, made many friends and lived happily ever after! The kids made their rainbow fish with their “gifts” written on the scales – they gave everyone a scale to wear and the fish was left with one scale.