The gift of Family Groups

JUC continues to be and enthusiastic part of the Passionist Family Group movement.

The Passionist Family Group Movement was started in 1972 by Father Peter McGrath in New South Wales and it has grown steadily throughout Australia and New Zealand

The Johnsonville Roman Catholic parish of Sts Peter and Paul, a short walk down the street from the Terrace Centre, guided us into the Passionist Family Group movement and now the two parishes enjoy a special relationship; meeting for combined studies and joining in social activities from time to time.

At JUC 74% of the congregation are members of one of three groups: "Triple F", "Young and the Rest of Us" and "The Mixers". A wide range of activities are covered each month when the groups meet. From progessive dinners, port and poetry, ice-cream tastings, picnics, film evenings to joint evenings where all three groups participate in an activity together. 

A family group is an extended family. It provides a nurturing and supportive environment for all its members to grow as Christians. It is a basic building block of Christian community, providing a sound foundation for the life of the Parish. When people are at home in a Family Group their talents and graces are revealed. A family Group is totally inclusive.

Current oversight of Family Groups in JUC is provided by Judith and Boyd Dunlop. Contact them via the parish office or email through the Contact Us email address on the home page.